Our „Lexicon A-Z” provides several definitions for technical terms concerning personnel consulting.
It serves to gain a quick insight in this field and defines the terms briefly.



The term diversity is used when talking about the variety, heterogeneity and differences that social groups consist of. In business particularly, we deal with the social structure of the workforce and the chances for a company that come with the various (social) skills.

In diversity management we take into consideration the different backgrounds in the staff and use the social variety in a constructive way.

Dual Career Service

Dual career services are specialized in consulting accompanying life partners. The service focuses on finding ways for the partner to continue his/her own career after the relocation. The portfolio of the dual career service begins with the application process and may include assistance up to finding an adequate and permanent position.



An expatriate – or expat for short, is a name for anyone who moves from their home country to another – usually, in this context, for professional reasons.


Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence is the ability to deal with people of various cultural backgrounds in an appropriate way. The basis for successful intercultural communication are interpersonal skills and intercultural sensitivity.

An interculturally competent person is able to capture and understand the ways of thinking, acting and perceiving things of people with a different cultural background.

Former experiences are used as far as possible, adjusted and broadened without prejudice. Being open and willing to learn is indispensable in intercultural contact.


Relocation Service

Relocation Service offers assistance to people who are moving to a new location or need to leave their current one for an indefinite amount of time (for professional or private reasons). Relocating often comes with many formalities, therefore a relocation specialist can accompany their client, family and their employer throughout the whole process.

The specialist’s target is to make the start at the new location as easy as possible. Besides helping with the administrative issues, the inclusion of the family into the new social environment is another important concern.


Welcome culture

Welcome culture describes the openness of a specific society towards migrants and shows whether they are welcome and whether there are any perspectives for them within the new environment. Especially in a company workforce it is essential to have a welcome culture in order to optimize the appeal of the location and to attract professionals from around the world.