▪ Confidentiality

Ochel Relocation Service emphasizes confidentiality and represents both the companies’ and the applicants’ interests equally. Sensitive information is treated with absolute discretion.

The staff of Ochel Relocation Service is subject to the obligation of secrecy according to the Federal Data Protection Act. They are obliged to confirm this in contract before starting work for Ochel Relocation Service.

Furthermore, Ochel Relocation Service ensures that personal and/or internal information will be treated confidentially even after a project is finished.

▪ Intercultural competence

For the Ochel Relocation Service team, open and tolerant interaction with people from any cultural background is a given.

The team is always evolving in order to expand its knowledge on foreign cultures and their specific ways of perception, thought, emotion and action and uses this understanding appropriately in the various projects.

The communication for international projects takes place in English.

▪ Professionalism

Ochel Relocation Service treats every single client professionally.

A high level of understanding for the overall situation and the individual wishes of our clients are basic requirements for efficient and well-rounded consulting.

▪ Individuality

Everyone has different needs. The required services are defined at the beginning of each project. At its realization, Ochel Relocation Service always takes into consideration the individual wishes of the client